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Maximize your visibility with a Custom Name badge.

A name badge serves several purposes.  First of all, it is an instant introduction to a stranger or a aid for someone you have met before but may not remember your name or company.   It is easier to read than a stick on name sticker and more professional.  Having a name badge gives you a chance to show your logo and increase your branding.  It also multiplies your chance to be remembered after the initial introduction.

Get Promoted specializes in Custom one-at-a time Full Color Badges.  These are made of Fiberglas reinforced Plastic and have a long lasting scratch resistant surface.  A strong magnet on the back protects your clothes and will go through even a heavy sports coat and hold.

The process we use for most of our badges is called sublimation.  This process gives us the capability of using many kinds of art and photos on the surface.  Jpgs and pdfs are often acceptable.  Photos also will work.  The higher resolution camera ready art is the best, but often we are able to retrace art for use.  The graphics staff will give you one half hour of art work to design your piece or bring the quality up to a usable standard.  You will be contacted if we feel that your art is not satisfactory.

Locally, we often make personal arrangements with you to either pickup the badge at the workroom or meet you for delivery.  We do have shipping available through the post office or other shipping choices.

We offer a discount if a group buys at one time.  It is much easier for us to work on them and volume allows a discount.   One to five  badges is 10.00.  Six badges to twenty nine badges is 8.00.  Thirty or more badges will be 7.00 each.  If you need replacement pieces after that, in most cases, it goes back up to the 10.00 prices because of shipping and processing…but we view this on a individual basis.

Plastic name badges are our main production item, but not our only choice.    We have thinner, flexible plastic badges and metal badges that have different printing methods on them.  We can engrave metals, plastics, and woods.  We can even laser cut a custom shaped badge for you.

Another way to get badges is from a badge program.  When you have many employees and the need for badges is constant, you can pay ahead for a badge program and they will be shipped out to you as you notify them of the new employees.  Here is some info on that program: ttp://

We have a couple of badge companies that also have special paper you load in your printer and make the new employees names.  These are then added into a slot in the name badge.  For the revolving employee badge….we can even have a writeon badge that can be wiped off and reused.

Here is a link to some good badge companies we work with:

All name badges are custom made one at a time







We have done hundreds of name tags




Here are some of the badges we have done

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