Use Full Color Sublimation Printing for Apparel and Gifts

People appreciate the time and effort it takes to design and produce a custom personalized gift. Get Promoted can made it a simple process. Bring us your picture and your idea. Tell us about the event and leave the rest to us. We will suggest items that would be well suited for your event. You will find the prices are reasonable and the rewards are great!

Our personalized gifts can overshadow the largest holiday present! People love seeing their names and pictures in print. Using our services at Get Promoted will definitely make you the gift giving star.  Here is a catalog that you can browse that will give you some great personalized ideas:  Click here so see our products.

We can take pictures by mail or in person. They can be scanned and returned to you. The best results come from transferring the pictures to us electronically. We can do some touchup work on them and resize them easily.

Sublimation can not be done on navy and black.  Photo gifts should be done on white or grey for best results.  The ink is rather transparent and whatever color is on the shirt becomes part of the design.  If you are using text,  you are less limited.

This year, we have two new kinds of shirts:

Insect repellent shirts from Zorrel.  This picture shows a jacquard training tee in safety green.  It is also available in navy, white, and black.  Polos are also available in the insect repellent shirt.  T-shirts come in several colors, but can not be sublimated.

Mosquitos and other pest will not light and bite!

Mosquitos and other pest will not light and bite!

Another shirt that is catching some attention is the all over sublimation t-shirts.    Imagine that the whole shirt is your palette.  Great for special events, business marketing, and sports teams.

This shirt was white, but dye sublimation makes a great change

This shirt was white, but dye sublimation makes a great change

Contact us for info on these two new items.  Both are capable of dye sublimation printing.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 A sublimation transfer is usually done on 100% poplyester for the best quality.  If you get a sublimation print done on cotton, you will lose color quickly.  The sublimation dye is extremely durable and will keep a rich color for many, many washings.  We always say that the shirt will wear out before the colors lose their vibrancy under normal washing conditions.

To Purchase:

Insect repellent shirts

All Over Sublimation are available at Shopping cart, Website, or call 636-688-6240 for other options.  We have several way to serve you.

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